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Consumer Power

 In a quick sentence, "Let a click make your consumers talk, a powerful brand talk".


In the modern consumer-centric retail world, consumer opinion has an incredible power that it could define how a product could be made or marketed to win a consumer's heart.

Be it a quality ingredient of breakfast cereal, trendy look of fashion product, handy aspect of household cleaner, an attractive friendly function of electronic gadget, or even eye-catching product label, the influencing and winning factor could only be identified by a genuine consumer-centric product opinion or review. The consumer-centric brand opinions and product reviews provide brands a rich source of information with consumer taste and trends, purchase decisions, influencing factors, and more. There is no need for expensive data science or invasion of data privacy.



Promotion to Interaction

 PowerPik.com is an interactive consumer-centric brand opinion and promotion channel, where a brand product is presented in an elegant image-oriented 360-view fashion or a story-telling promotional video and sought for a consumer-centric brand opinion or product review. It is a consumer-centric brand/product opinion tracking platform where  consumer users can find consumer-centric brand opinions and product reviews for an informed purchase decision.   



Promotion Channel

 Presenting brand products to consumer interaction for consumer opinions, star rated reviews and power picks, PowerPik helps consumer users make an informed purchase decision. Providing brands a perfect promotion channel to present their brand products and garner consumer-centric brand opinions, product reviews, purchase decisions and influencing factors, PowerPik.com offers brand companies a cost-effective brand promotion strategy to connect directly with consumers for market-testing or home-testing product samples, introductory product trials, promotional offers and more.



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